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  What is Inductafil?
  • A unique graft material derived from trabecular bone that has compressible and elastic,
    sponge-like properties.
  • Our demineralization process* revolutionizes the handling properties of bone while
    maintaining natural growth factors.
  • It has the open, porous structure of cancellous bone while
    being also compressible and elastic, with the properties
    of a sponge.

  • With the ability to be compressed to 1/3 of its original size
    in order to fit a space, it then springs back to fill the void
    without losing its original strength or shape. Inductafil
    is a perfect solution for filling a variety of bone voids.
  • When implanted, it may induce at the locus of the implant
    the full developmental cascade of endochondral bone
    formation including vascularization, mineralization, and bone
    marrow differentiation.
  • Available in several sizes and may be used with osteogeneic
    promoters such as bone marrow or platelet rich plasma.
  • It is processed by a fully accredited American Association
    of Tissue Banks (“AATB”) Tissue Bank and Processing
    Facility complies with FDA 21 CFR 1270 and 1271.
    Inductafil is comprised of 100% donor tissue from
    federally licensed Organ Procurement Organizations
    (OPO’s) and other AATB accredited donor sources.


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